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14 November 2007 @ 10:21 pm
Hi guys! Here I am!!!
I'm really really happy <3
i can't wait 'til 12th february.. T_T
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04 November 2007 @ 11:43 am
[1-4]Ai Otsuka
[5-6]Ayumi Hamasaki
[9-10]Hilary Duff
[11-13]Final Fantasy VII AC
[14]Gilmore Girls
[15-35]Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus
[36-37]Hikaru Utada
[38-42]High School Musical 1/2
[43]Kelly Rowland
[44-51]Kristen Bell
[52-53]Kumi Koda
[54-59]Namie Amuro
[62-74]Why Why Love?

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04 September 2007 @ 11:44 pm
Today I'm really bored.
I went out with my best friend and tonight I saw NANA on tv at my cousin's house.
What can I say? I HATE Takumi.
He's good, but Nobu's better.
Why Nobu is better?
1. He's kind
2. He's funny
3. He really loves Hachiko
4. He thinks only about Hachi's good
5. He's better-looking than Takumi
6. He doesn't go with other women
7. He writes songs about Hachi.
Seven reasons are enough?? In the episode I saw today, Takumi discovered that Hachi is pregnant, and he called Nobu with Nana's phone.
Is Takumi really in love with Hachi?? I cannot believe it... but sometimes seems that he does... well, it's not important, because he's too selfish for a family...!!

Talking about something else... I saw Hikki's live performance singing her new single: "Beautiful World". Great performance as always, and I love that song!*_* But I have to say that Hikki hasn't got any sense of fashion... How can she like that cut-hair?? How can she wear that shoes with that skirt?? Oh Gosh..!! @_@
I know that her music is the most important thing, but don't you think that appareance is an important thing, too? She's a nice girl... It doesn't take much time, for choosing nice clothes that are nice together.
It's only love...
It's only love...
I don't like the idea of the PV based on Evangelion Movie... WHY?? Why can't she do a PV with herself inside?? Hikki we want you in the PV!*______*

And... about Ayumi?? I'm really proud of her. I love Talkin' 2 Myself. It's so damn perfect.. and ROCKS! It reminds me 1LOVE and (miss)understood... I listened to a short preview of Decision and.. it sounds great too and I have more expectation for this b-side because... it's composed by CREA *__*
I loved Glitter / Fated but I know that some people didn't like it, and this new single will make everyone happy... because our Queen is back... Stronger than ever!!!
Some rumors tell about a new single or PV for November... Let's see..
The only thing I know is: If Talkin' 2 Myself don't reach the n. 1 for 2 weeks, I'll be mad è.é
Now, I go to sleep!** Goodnight!^___^
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23 July 2007 @ 11:11 pm
And here i am... again! XDD icons about:
- ai otsuka [1-13]
- aiko kayo [14-16]
- alexis bledel [17-20]
- ami suzuki [21]
- aoi miyazaki [22-23]
- ayaka [24-27]
- beyoncé [28]
- BoA [29-33]
- ERIKA [34]
- utada hikaru [35]
- hana yori dango [36-37]
- jared leto [38-42]
- jyongri [43-45]
- namie amuro [46-47]
- yuna ito [48-50]


I Believe in Love
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18 July 2007 @ 06:50 pm
Hola!! Tomorrow is my 17th birthday °__° i'm getting old, guys! X°°°D I don't feel like doing a party... I'm so tired lately.. and I don't know why..! O__O (It's true.. I'm really getting old °_°).
I'm thinking that a lot of thinks has changed from my 16th birthday... but... it's ok!^__^ the 31st of this month, my ayu's forum, will turn to 2 years*__* I'm really happy!^__^
Tomorrow i'll post the presents i'll receive!*__*
So.. stay tuned! XD
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12 July 2007 @ 07:26 pm
i'm here.. (again??XDDD) with new icons!!! Yeaah!*ççç* i did some wallpapers too.. but i'll post tomorrow...! I fell in love with Harry Potter 5 - the movie *________________________________*
- 30 seconds to mars [1-4]
- ai otsuka [5-8]
- aya kamiki [9]
- ayaka [10-12]
- ayumi hamasaki [13-19]
- devil beside you [20-22]
- high school musical [23]
- hana yori dango [24-27]
- jared leto [28-31]
- lee hyori [32]
- namie amuro [33-34]
- yuna ito [35-38]


Find them here!
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12 July 2007 @ 02:14 am
Mi sto completamente annoiando! =__= Ed eccomi qui con un bel giochino rubato alla cara mami_chan! AMO i giochi musicali!*__*

Name 13 songs in your mind and answer the following questions.
1. Hamasaki Ayumi - HANABI
2. melody. - Love Story
3. Alexz Johnson - let Me Fall
4. Angela Aki - Kiss Me Goodbye
5. 30 seconds to mars - From Yesterday
6. Remioromen - 3/9
7. Enrique Iglesias - Do You Know
8. Koda Kumi - Cherry Girl
9. YUI - Why Me
10. JYONGRI - Wherever
11. Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep A Secret?
12. Rikki - Suteki Da Ne
13. Namie Amuro - Top Secret

Who do you remember when you hear no. 4?
Nessuno in particolare O_O

Does no. 8 make you happy?
Si.. è una canzone frivola.. dal ritmo carino.. si si mi mette allegria XD

Has no. 3 made you cry?
Si T________________T

In what occasion did you hear no. 9?
Ero in macchina e avevo messo nell'mp3 l'intera discografia di YUI. Tutt'ora è una delle sue canzoni che preferisco.**

Do you miss no. 10?
°_° uhm.. no..

Which lyrics do you like the best from no. 1?
Tutte... Amo i suoi testi.. E' riduttivo prendere solo una citazione T__T

Imagine something when you hear no. 2.
Me sulla spiaggia mentre corro felice insieme all'amore della mia vita *__*

Who do you remember when you hear no. 6?
Ricordo la Miky O_O *che tristezza... una canzone così triste.. lei si merita qualcsa di allegro!!!*

When was the last time you heard no. 11?
Qualche ora fa!*__*

Who told you about no. 8?

Do you often sing no. 11?
Siiiiiiiiiiiii *ççç*

Have you sung no. 7 to anyone?
No, ma potrei farlo in futuro XD

Does no. 10 inspire your life?
Non ancora O_O

Does no. 5 tell about your feelings?
Si.. ç__ç

What do you feel when you hear no. 2?
Mi commuovo... Non so perchè ma le lacrime mi giungono agli occhi O_O

Do you smile when you hear no. 11?
No.. è una canzone che mi fa pensare.. e perciò rifletto *sembro quasi una persona intelligente O__o*

When was the first time you heard no. 1?
Un anno fa o due!*çççç* W HANABIIIIIIIIIIIII

If you could dedicate no. 9 to someone, who would it be?
A mia madre.. A volte dà per scontato che io abbia superato certe circostanze..

Does no. 7 mean a lot to you?
Per ora no... XDDDDDD

What's so special about no. 10?
E' speciale perchè la voce di JYONGRI è particolare e mi rilassa quando sono stressata.

Would you sing no. 11 to anyone? to whom?
la canterei alla mia amica melissa.. XDDD Lei non riesce a tenere due ceci in bocca X°°D Non sa tenere un segreto nemmeno a pagarla X°°°°°°°°°°D

Does no. 8 remind you of someone?
No O_O Nessuno che conosco si denuda e fa la troia come Kumi nel PV X°°°°°D

What memory comes to your mind when you hear no. 5?
Quando ero a casa di mio padre e la Miky è venuta da me a vedere la tv.. Mio papà era contento di avermi in casa e mi ricorderò sempre il suo sorriso.

Do you want to hear no. 12 right now?
L'ho sentita qualche minuto fa.. perciò no XD

Can you remember clearly the first time you heard no. 13?
Quando è uscito PLAY?? Beh.. quel giorno lì... Mi sono totalmente innamorata di "Top Secret"!*___*
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23 June 2007 @ 01:09 pm
here some question made by maharetishtar!
1. name:
2. birthday:
3. place of residence:
4. what makes you happy:
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. do you read my lj:
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:
8. an interesting fact about you:
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. favorite place to be:
11. favorite lyric:
12. best time of the year:

1. a film:
2. a book:
3. a band, a song and an album:

1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you.
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11 June 2007 @ 07:29 pm
here some icons!!
- Anna Tsuchiya [1]
- Ayaka [5]
- Erika Sawajiri [1]
- Jared Leto [2]
- Koda Kumi [1]
- Leah Dizon [1]
- melody. [1]
- Miliyah Kato [1]
- Namie Amuro [3]
- Nana [2]
- Sachi Tainaka [4]
- Yuna Ito [15]

Find Them Here
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01 June 2007 @ 08:09 pm
hi people!!! i'm finally back!!
sorry for the long absence but i stayed without interned.. so.. i didn't know what to do on the internet and i did some icons.. you can find them all here, and in this period of time, my ex boyfriend call me and he said to me to go out with him.. Me, stupid, did it... he tryed in all the way to kiss me and he asked me to become his girlfriend.. AGAIN.. I tell him not. He is too stupid, he don't want a love story.. he wants always more and.. he's only obsessed with me..!!! It passed 2 years and he always call me, and he jokes with my feelings.. but now i don't like him anymore.. ù_ù
Sorry.. for my stories X°°°D Well.. the school is quite finished!*__* I hope everything will be alright!*__*
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